Recession-proof Lunch: 99 cent fresh pizza

29 01 2009

For a good recession proof lunch, head over to Midtown East (home of the employed, I know…but you can do it).  99 Cent Fresh Pizza is located at 151 E 43rd St (between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave) and you guessed it…sells pizza slices for only 99 cents. And if you just got your unemployment for the week, splurge on two slices and a can of soda for $2.75.  Mangia!



Why the NY Public Library is awesome

29 01 2009


I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog that a great way to save money is by taking out books and DVDs from the library.  I’ve found that the New York Public Library has a great selection of books AND current DVD’s.  True, my branch (Kips Bay) is not necessarily the most impressive, but they still manage to have a good stock of DVD’s and you can order any book or DVD you want as long as it’s in another branch and the library will call you when it arrives to your branch.  I recently rented the Kingdom, Baby Mama and 21.  All good movies, and I got to keep them for four days fo free!   

To learn more about joining the NY Public Library, check out their website here.  If you’re unemployed, at least expose yourself to a little knowledge and culture while you have some free time!

ADDENDUM:  I feel that I should note that the Kips Bay branch of the NY library is excellent in spite of its small size, and what it lacks in selection, it makes up for in ease of getting books for you from other branches.  Thumbs up, Kips Bay.

Poll: What’s the most effective way to get a job interview?

29 01 2009

Ok, people, here’s a little poll.  I’m curious to see where you think unemployed people such as myself should be focusing our efforts to get the best results from the job search.  

The Aveda Institute: Two Thumbs Up

29 01 2009

So I went to the Aveda Institute this morning for my $20 haircut, and it was great! I highly recommend it to anyone with an open mind and empty wallet.  My hairdresser was technically a student at the institute but seemed to really know what she was doing. She was nice, friendly and spent an hour and a half working on my hair and it looks great.  A great haircut for only $20!



Snow Day: A good day to be unemployed

28 01 2009


When the weather is bad, the city can be a pretty miserable place to be.  Today is one of those days: the streets are a slushy mess…it’s freezing, raining, sleeting, umbrellas are flying inside out, and overall it’s just gross out.  It’s the kind of day where in the past, I’d wake up and look out the window and think “ugh, I wish I could call out sick and stay in my bed all day today.”   Inevitably, though I’d have to get up and pile on layers of clothes, hats, gloves, boots, the whole nine yards and haul my ass to work.  But not today!
Even though I’ve been frustrated with the lack of job prospects, today is a good day to be unemployed.  I got to huddle up in my blankets in the apartment all day and make soup and hot chocolate, and curl up on the couch with my kitten and a good book. I’m definitely grateful for the chance to relax, recharge and just chill out.

Lost Challenge Update

28 01 2009


Yesterday I watched the next three episodes of the first season. Here is what I am left wondering:

1) What was Kate’s crime?

2) What is Sawyer’s problem?

3) Why is Locke so strange?

4) What is the giant creature in the woods?

5) Does the island have magical powers?

My New Haircut Update

28 01 2009

Big news! Inspired by the My New Haircut video, I’m getting a haircut and style tomorrow morning at the Aveda Institute in Soho for only $20. (The free Bumble and Bumble haircut will remain a legend). Will report back on the results tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the My New Haircut guy.