A thought on my Unemployment debit card

12 01 2009

Today I had a thought on my unemployment debit card. I used it to pay for my kitten’s vet appointment and then to mail a package at the post office.  Since it clearly says the words “New York Department of Labor” on it, I wonder if workers who see it 1) know it’s unemployment money and 2) feel sorry for me.  I’m pretty sure that the post office worker felt sorry for me after I gave him my card to swipe because he started trying to overcompensate with niceness after he gave it back.  As nice as it was, I really don’t want people to feel sorry for me. That said, I think the option of getting the debit card is really cool. So, way to go New York state.

I also was thinking that it might be funny to only use my unemployment card to buy beer and scratch tickets.  Then, anyone in the Department of Labor who sees my statement would know for sure that I am ready and willing to work every day. 





One response

14 01 2009

I have recently joined you “on the line” (I made a zen decision to try and use the term “unemployment” as little as possible and instead think of absurd ways of talking about it…). As horrible as it sounds, it’s nice to know that someone, somewhere out there understands what you’re going through. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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