NYC on the cheap

12 01 2009



Part of being unemployed is learning how to find things to enjoy in the city that are not so pricey.  This past week, I discovered a few very awesome deals around the city. Here they are in no particular order. (Oh, and there will be more to come as I discover them).

1)  Matinee movies at AMC: I saw Benjamin Button at the Kips Bay movie theater on Friday  morning at 11:40 for only $6.  That’s a $6.50 savings from if I had gone to a regular show. Apparently, some AMC theaters in the city offer matinee prices ($6 admission) for show times before 12:00pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It’s probably a good idea to call your theater before you go just to be sure they have the deal, but still, this is RAD. 

2) Lunch Specials: Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve never been a fan of spending ridiculous amounts of money on expensive dinners in the city. Walking around while everyone else in work, though, I started to notice a lot of signs in windows and chalkboards on the sidewalk advertising lunch specials. I like to cook but sometimes I’m feeling lazy or just a sucker for a good deal.  So this week, I got one great sushi lunchbox special and another lunch deal at my favorite diner, Gemini.  At Gemini, I got a wrap (with fries), soup and a soda for about $8. It was so much food that I just shared the whole thing with my boyfriend and it came to $5 each with tip.  That’s a good deal right there. Yelp has a good list of restaurants with lunch specials that’s worth checking out.

3) Suggested Donation Admission at Museums: I found this website, which has a great guide to free admission, pay as you like, and suggested donation museums.  Below are the pay as you wish times. After reading this, I hopped up to the Met for an hour yesterday afternoon and had a great time.  They were really quite laid about the suggested donation, and we didn’t have to pay anything at all (well, nobody asked).  In the future, I wouldn’t be opposed to donating $5 or so just to support the culture, though.  I will definitely be checking out as many of these museums as possible during my unemployment.



Brooklyn Botanic Garden all day
Cooper-Hewitt from 5-9pm
Jewish Museum from 5-8pm
Wave Hill all day

Bronx Museum of the Arts all day
Children’s Museum of the Arts from 5-7pm

American Craft Museumfrom 6-8pm
New Museum of Contemporary Art from 6-8pm

Asia Society from 6-9pm
ICP from 5-8pm
MOMA from 4:30-8:15pm

Brooklyn Botanic Gardenfrom 10am-noon
Studio Museum in Harlemfirst Sat. of each month


4) Free Movies on Demand: In my limited unemployment experience, it seems that there a great deal of temptation to order movies from Time Warner On Demand during the daytime when no one is around and you start to feel bored.  Since it only takes the click of a button, it’s pretty tempting.  But alas, I have found an entirely new On Demand channel: Free Movies on Demand!  The amount and quality of the movies are not exactly the same as the paying channel, but there’s some hidden gems.  Yesterday I watched the movie Half Nelson for free, and it was really good.




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13 02 2009
Marina Rey

Ooooh Time Warner on Demand is the best! I love it (I’m a Showtime/Showtime on Demand junkie). 🙂 Not so sure about Yelp, though. I think the people on that site sometimes complain and nitpick about the most obsolete things. :/

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