The catch-22’s of being unemployed

21 01 2009
  • Since you’ve been laid off, you probably look back on your old job and remember how it actually  sucked and how your boss was tool-ish.  At least, I do.  This perspective really makes me want to find a job that I genuinely like.  So, in other words: I don’t want to settle for some mediocre job and then want to leave after a month because it’s not what I thought and is kind of lame. I’m afraid of that actually. 


  • I could consider part time temporary work but then I’ll lose my unemployment. So what’s the point of that?


  • I’ve been sending my resume out through websites and never hearing anything back. But since I’m unemployed, I have to try to get a job, right? But are all job websites dead ends? Does applying for more than one job at a big corporation just make you look desperate and un-focused? 


  • Everyone says the way you get jobs is through networking, which I get and have done in the past. But, isn’t it a little pathetic and transparent to hound aquaintances to get you a job? I mean, to me at least, it feels transparent to email someone who you haven’t spoken to ages to tell them that you got laid off and would they mind passing your resume along. But yet, in my unemployment I have become shameless and do this anyway.


  • People who have jobs feel sorry for you for being unemployed, but when I had a job I complained about it all the time.  I’m happy I don’t have work-related things to complain about, but worried constantly because I have no money. People say unemployment can be great if you do it right…I think the people who say that are people who got six figure severances. 


  • Trying to get under the table work in NYC is ridiculous.  I joined a website called where you can sign up to apply for babysitting, pet-sitting and house-sitting jobs. Sounds great, right?  In theory, it is.  But when you take our economy and combine with overpopulated NYC, you get, a lot of desperate people competing over babysitting jobs.  Shit is cutthroat.  Craigslist is just as crazy as sittercity, if not more so.  There are some really, really weird postings on there. It actually scares me to consider the fact that the people who post freakish things on Craigslist live among me in the city. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if my upstairs neighbor was one of them.


  • Living frugally without losing your mind/social life in NYC is really difficult.  At least, in the winter it is.  A friend told me the other day that apparently every time a New Yorker leaves his or her apartment, he/she spends on average $17.  It’s totally true.  As an unemployed New Yorker, I really don’t want to spend money, but I also don’t want to be a hermit in my shoebox apartment all day. When I leave my apartment and go walk around, I’m surrounded by Dags, Walgreens, Duane Reade, the movie theater, Dunkin Donuts: temptation on every corner.  Oh, and going out is just as much of a challenge too.  Three drinks and you’ve probably spent $20 or more and this doesn’t include a cab to or fro the bar.  Subways are cool if they go where you’re going but walking is pretty much not an option unless you want to get frostbite right now. So throw in some money for cabs and you’ve got yourself a $50 dollar night out, easy.



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