The mixed feelings of unemployment

21 01 2009

things that are awesome about being unemployed:

1) grocery shopping without lines

2) sleeping until whenever you want every single day

3) taking long, hot showers while your roommates are at work

4) daytime TV


things that are not awesome about being unemployed:

1) trying to get a job with no success

2) wanting to go out but not having money to waste

3) feeling guilty spending money

4) people pitying you




4 responses

21 01 2009

I hear that. I feel guilty about buying groceries. Lately, I’ve been eating rice in broth. It’s a mean salty goodness. Good luck! What kind of job are you looking for?

13 02 2009
Marina Rey

I like this post. I should write something along these lines, as these are my sentiments, exactly. Ok not exactly, but similarly.

18 02 2009
Plans during the ups and downs of unemployment. « My Californian Life.

[…] that, I read a post over at Laid Off in NYC about her mixed feelings of unemployment. It gave me the push to write my own mixed feelings, since I myself have been unemployed and like […]

17 07 2010

I found your website by chance searching for Queensland on Google – stunning image by the way. Did you get the job? Here’s hoping..
What are you doing now? Did you find your dream job?
……. Life is too precious to spend 8 hours a day doing something you hate.

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