The Lost Challenge

26 01 2009

I like to think that I’m up to speed on most aspects of pop-culture, tv , news and entertainment.  It WAS my job and is one of my biggest interets.  I’m a huge tv fan (good tv, at least –  think Mad Men) and like to be in the know as far as water cooler tv convo’s go (even if I don’t have a job).  But somewhere along the line, it seems like I missed the boat on a colossally important pop culture phenomenon: Lost.  I don’t know where I was, or what I was doing in September of 2004 (probably getting drunk at college), but I missed the memo that Lost was the next big thing.  So, I let the years go by without watching and here I am in 2009, regretting that I missed out on an epically good show.  

So, as this blog is my witness, I present myself with the Lost challenge: watch every episode and bring myself up to speed so I can enjoy the rest of the fifth season and be cool.  I know it will take a while, but : 1) I don’t have much else to do and 2) I am always looking for free ways to entertain myself.  You can watch every episode of Lost for free on in HD.  According to my research, that’s a total of 83 episodes.  It might take a long time to watch all 83, but hey, I have time.






One response

26 01 2009

Lost is really great, but you may find yourself reading blogs about Lost theories. The show really draws you in and may not be the best use of time. But its a great show.

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