Trying to get a free haircut

28 01 2009

There exists a kind of myth amongst females in NYC that you can get a free awesome haircut from salons like Bumble and Bumble if you try hard enough/get lucky.  I’ve been searching on Craiglist for “free haircut” and usually come up with a few results, but it seems like the stylists only want to give “Bob” haircuts.  One day, I saw an add for a long, layered cut so I sent a reply with a picture of my hair and didn’t get a response.  Maybe my hair isn’t good enough?  A good haircut can set you back anywhere from $60-100 so you can imagine how much I would love a free, awesome haircut. If I can’t get one, I’m probably just going to grow my hair really long, like Guinness Book of World Records-long.  Has anyone had luck getting a free haircut in NYC? Or is the free haircut just an urban legend?





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28 01 2009

I can’t say anything about free haircuts, but I know in many immigrant neighborhoods and most Asian neighborhoods, the haircuts can be had for under $20, even lower for males.

Perhaps you can find some helpful hints to live more frugally while you look for a job. Best of luck on your job hunting, keeping a blog is great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

15 02 2009

you can get a quality haircut for only $5 in abi barberschool, they have trained professionals guiding every step of the haircut, i paid $5 and got a better haircut than my previous one where i paid $20.

24 02 2009

check out antonio prieto!

26 04 2009

bumble and bumble university offers free haircuts. you’ll need to go to their model call on a monday night so they can determine what cut you’re eligible for, and then you can schedule an appointment. and yup, it’s free.

27 04 2009

I only get free haircuts and love it! Believe the “myth”.

2 06 2009

believe it!
rumor salon consistently gives great cuts and for FREE.
went, got it done, LOVED IT

19 06 2009

try the redken exchange, it’s an academy for licensed hairdress They are always looking for hair models and all services are done by professionals. 212.984.4703

16 07 2009
Asian haircuts Fan

Can something that’s free be really good? I don’t want them trashing my hair!!

8 09 2009
11 11 2009

Crops For Girls is a salon that specializise in women’s short haircuts. And Michael the owner/stylist offers a free haircut to women with shoulder length or longer hair who want to go for a short pixie haircut. Or if your if your hair is already on the short side, You can also get a free haircut just by saying -You can do what ever you want. Michael also gives free haircuts to women who want to donate their hair to Locks Of Love. And you can go in for your free haircut any time you want, Jus call for an appointment 212 677-2772 7 days a week, 10AM to 8:30PM Crops For Girls, Salon is Located At 154 Orchard St.between Stanton and Rivington St. In the lower east side of Manhattan. For more information about Crops For Girls, Salon go to And for appointment call 212 677-2772

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