Tomorrow = the Maury show

26 02 2009

Throughout the dreary bleakness of my day today, there has been one constant, shining beacon of light: knowing that I will be sitting in the audience of the Maury Show tomorrow.  I’m not really a hardcore Maury fan per say, but I do enjoy watching the show in the morning from time to time.  So last week, when I was watching one morning with my boyfriend, something came up on the screen that said “for free tickets to the Maury Show, call this number.”  Knowing full well that my boyfriend and I are the least-employed couple in NYC, I picked up my phone and got the tickets.  


I have a few ideas about what the topic may be (paternity test, cheating spouse, misbehaving teens bootcamp) but ultimately I hope to be surprised, entertained and also to learn something valuable.  Expect a full synopsis upon my return home.




Frustration nation

26 02 2009

So, today I took the express train to Frustration City.  Now I am officially the mayor.  It’s been over three months and the job search process feels like nothing but one dead end after another.   My one interview that I thought went great – haven’t heard a thing back.  And I’ve followed up multiple times. 


Aside from that, I’ve had another string of interviews that I thought were promising, the last of which was yesterday.  Today, I got word that they want me. YAY! But then…they made me an offer…and it’s terrible.  I’m 99% positive that garbage collectors and sanitation workers make better salaries than the offer they made me. The salary is lower than the salary of my first job out of college and wayyy lower than my last salary.  $15,000 lower to be exact.  I know it’s an economic depression and all, but I really don’t want to sell myself short and bring myself all the way back to where I started from. I put in so much time and hard work to get to my last job, I really don’t want to have to start all over.  So I went back and asked for more money.  I’m still waiting for an answer so we will see.


In honor of my day, here is a photo collage:




My Exciting Week (I have nothing else to do)

23 02 2009

I have three big reasons to be excited for this week:

  1) I have a big interview on Wednesday morning.


  • I really hope something works out soon because although I’m really enjoying unemployment, I don’t have a lot of money anymore and that kind of sucks.


  2) I’m hosting a Top Chef finale party on Wednesday night.


  • Please pack your knives and go. I love this show and love having friends over, and eating and drinking, so it’s the perfect combination. Go crazy-eyed Carla. 


  3) I have two free tickets to the Maury Show on Friday.

  • Last week, I was watching Maury and a little thing came up and said “for free tickets to the Maury Show, call this number”.  So I looked at it for a second, and then thought, “well, I have nothing else to do.” So I called and got two free tickets a taping on Friday.  I think it’s going to be really, really fun.  Everyone should be jealous. 


My new unemployment motto is officially: “I have nothing else to do.”  This way, I’ll do as much as possible and see as many people as possible while I have my freedom.


Updates on my life

23 02 2009

Hey world, sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been traveling around the tri state area with my broken toe (freak bar accident last week) for a funeral and then a wedding.  Now, here I am.


So, I had an interview last week and I think it went fairly well. But it was only with HR, since the hiring manager was out of the office.  I got good vibes from the HR lady, though.  So I did the whole thank you thing and yet…nothing. No call, nothing.  This whole job-getting process is so slow… SNAIL PACED. I can’t stand it.


In other news, I emailed a posting for a dog walker/personal assistant in the city and it turns out that the woman who posted the listing used to work for my old company.  So we met up and she was cool, and said she didn’t want me to walk her dogs, but that she wanted to get me a real job because she felt like fate brought us together. Long story short I’m meeting with her business partner on Wednesday about a job. HMMM. Fingers crossed!

Today I am…

18 02 2009

Wearing my new Snuggie on the couch while catching up on my DVR’d shows until happy hour when my friend is bartending.

Sometimes, it’s really good to be unemployed. 



Not a picture of me, but what I will be doing all day today.


Another day, another interview

17 02 2009

The good news: I’ve got an interview today. The bad news: I’ve got an interview today.


So, I’m trying to approach this interview with a different attitude than I did with my last so I don’t self-sabotage and continue to be unemployed forever. Plus,  I really need to come up with a better strategy for nailing interviews, especially since they’re kind of few and far between at this point.


Here’s what I’ve resolved to do differently today:

1.  Put less pressure on myself.  It’s just a job interview, not the end of the world.  At this point, I have nothing to lose, so I need to just have fun with it.

2.  Actually believe I’m right for the job.  So what, I don’t have the specific experience that the job description calls for.  The experience I do have combined with the fact I’m smart makes me as strong a candidate as anyone else.  I actually believe that I could learn to do any job and do it well. I just need to project that confidence in the interview.

3.  Wear a good outfit.  I bought a rockin new interview outfit  to wear today so that I look professional and stylin.  If I know that I look good, I know that I’ll  feel good too. In my last interview, I wore old yucky clothes that didn’t fit  well and I think that contributed to my nervousness and awkwardness. Not today!


I think we could all learn a little about good interviewing from this video:

To Link, or not to link? That is the question.

16 02 2009

When people find out that you lost your job, something they like to do is to give you  unsolicited advice.   One thing I keep hearing over and over again is that I should  join  And to be honest, I’ve resisted. And I don’t even know why I’ve resisted.  I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Asmallworld, etc, but Linked In just feels weird to me. I think it boils down to the fact that I’m skeptical of the whole magical recruiters contacting you myth. Oh, and it feels like it’s for grownups, which I, (at 23), mostly certainly am not. How rude.


But hey, since my job search isn’t exactly going swimmingly, I’m willing to give LinkedIn a try. I joined it tonight, made my little profile and asked some people to be my friends.  Since I’m still in the pretty early stages of my career, my profile isn’t all that impressive though. So I remain skeptical.  I guess only time will tell what, if anything LinkedIn will do for me. 

So, I’m just wondering…has anyone out there actually had a positive experience from LinkedIn?   (Positive being job or interview-getting experience).  Let me know if you have, or have not – I’m curious.