Getting back out there: first interview style

4 02 2009

Oh hey, guess what? I got an interview…my first interview since the layoff.  One of my mentors hooked it up bigtime for a job I really want so I’m meeting with HR and the hiring managers TOMORROW MORNING. So, no pressure or anything. Nothing is riding on this, at all. Except EVERYTHING.


So yeah, despite the pressure I’m putting on myself, I really want this job. I feel like I’m qualified and could be really good at it. I’m trying to super-prepare myself today so I can tear shit up tomorrow. But that said, I feel like there’s a fine line between showing you want the job and groveling on your knees.  Any advice for nailing the interview without coming across as desperate?  I feel like the applicant pool for this job is going to be pretty impressive so I need to really stand out.  Wish me luck!






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