Post Interview: the aftermath

5 02 2009

So I had my interview this morning and it’s really hard to say how it went. I was extremely nervous and I think they could probably tell but I tried to pretend to be confident so who knows.  Plus, I only had my last job for a month before getting laid off. Unfortunately, that job was my first job in marketing after working in other area of the television industry for a few years.  So, even though I have solid experience in my industry, my marketing experience consists of one lonely month.  Not too impressive.  At least the hard part is over.  Now for the fun part: following up and just…waiting. And waiting. has some great post-interview advice (especially #3):

POST-INTERVIEW STRATEGY #1: Immediately send a Thank-You Letter.

POST-INTERVIEW STRATEGY #2: Don’t be shy about making follow-up calls.

POST-INTERVIEW STRATEGY #3: Don’t worry, be happy

POST-INTERVIEW STRATEGY #4: Negotiate your salary when you are offered the job.

POST-INTERVIEW STRATEGY #5: If you got the job, go celebrate! If you didn’t, don’t despair, just start again.


Here’s a picture of me, waiting to get the call for a second interview:





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7 02 2009
Martin Piraino

I had this experience four separate times in January, with those interviews in the first three and a half weeks of the year. Two interviews in the first full week of the year, and yes, following up and the waiting for a callback.

I love the list of post-interview advice you got from, and #3 certainly has been me this past month.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

7 02 2009
What do you do after the interview? « Martin Piraino’s Blog

[…] Posted on 02/07/2009 by Martin Piraino I saw a post on LaidOffInNYC Blog titled : Post Interview: the aftermath and on that post was a list of items from another website which I’m including here: […]

7 02 2009

In the mean time don’t just wait. There are so many other non traditional options to explore. We can discuss them if you like, I’m here to support you now not SPAM you.

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