9 02 2009

So, I’ve been spending some time at home, and after preparing myself a gourmet dinner last night of Eggo waffles and a glass of Merlot (my mother was disgusted), I got to thinking.  Wouldn’t it be great to just forget trying to compete with the other bajillion unemployed people in the metro-New York area and go off do something fun and badass for a year or two?  Then, once that’s run its course, the recession will be over and bam, I’ll be money and will get the first high-paying job I apply to when I come back to New York.


Right, so anyway, I did some online searching and found this website called .  Dude, forget and, is where it’s at.  I applied to about ten jobs at vineyards in California to do assistant, marketing or PR work.  I wonder if I’ll hear back at all…I think that would be be pretty badass to work at a vineyard and become a wine connoisseur.  I wouldn’t even be necessarily opposed to picking a few grapes off the vines here and there…I’m not above it.  Anyway, a girl can dream. 





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