Another day, another interview

17 02 2009

The good news: I’ve got an interview today. The bad news: I’ve got an interview today.


So, I’m trying to approach this interview with a different attitude than I did with my last so I don’t self-sabotage and continue to be unemployed forever. Plus,  I really need to come up with a better strategy for nailing interviews, especially since they’re kind of few and far between at this point.


Here’s what I’ve resolved to do differently today:

1.  Put less pressure on myself.  It’s just a job interview, not the end of the world.  At this point, I have nothing to lose, so I need to just have fun with it.

2.  Actually believe I’m right for the job.  So what, I don’t have the specific experience that the job description calls for.  The experience I do have combined with the fact I’m smart makes me as strong a candidate as anyone else.  I actually believe that I could learn to do any job and do it well. I just need to project that confidence in the interview.

3.  Wear a good outfit.  I bought a rockin new interview outfit  to wear today so that I look professional and stylin.  If I know that I look good, I know that I’ll  feel good too. In my last interview, I wore old yucky clothes that didn’t fit  well and I think that contributed to my nervousness and awkwardness. Not today!


I think we could all learn a little about good interviewing from this video:




3 responses

17 02 2009
Marina Rey

Good luck! I’m going to one later myself. Hope this works out for you!

3 03 2009
The 405 Club

That is hilarious. I’ve got to see that movie. Pretty sure i’ve got the time right now as well. doh!

The 405 Club
New York’s Official Unemployment Benefit Collection Club, $405/week.

5 03 2009
Ecommerce Job ... Where Are You?

Just got back from an interview and no clue how it went. I do know that it went much better than that, so maybe it went well.

FYI – Rule #1 of job interviews: Even if you can’t afford it, you have to charge it because looking fly in a new suit is key to looking the part and a huge confidence booster. You go into that interview with some swagger.

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