Updates on my life

23 02 2009

Hey world, sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been traveling around the tri state area with my broken toe (freak bar accident last week) for a funeral and then a wedding.  Now, here I am.


So, I had an interview last week and I think it went fairly well. But it was only with HR, since the hiring manager was out of the office.  I got good vibes from the HR lady, though.  So I did the whole thank you thing and yet…nothing. No call, nothing.  This whole job-getting process is so slow… SNAIL PACED. I can’t stand it.


In other news, I emailed a posting for a dog walker/personal assistant in the city and it turns out that the woman who posted the listing used to work for my old company.  So we met up and she was cool, and said she didn’t want me to walk her dogs, but that she wanted to get me a real job because she felt like fate brought us together. Long story short I’m meeting with her business partner on Wednesday about a job. HMMM. Fingers crossed!




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