It’s almost funny…

13 05 2009

That I got laid off again.  From the job I didn’t even like and only took because I needed the money.  Here’s how it all began…

Date: Two Fridays ago.  Feeling: Annoyed.  I was supposed to get my paycheck in the mail, but I didn’t.  I ask about it, but no one responds and then later in the day, Boss Man sends me an email asking if we could catch up the next morning -(SATURDAY morning, mind you. I’m 24 years old – it’s just not right to take away my Saturday morning like that).  So yeah then he calls me SATURDAY morning and says that the company had to lay off half of its employees including me.  Seems like he was supposed to lay me off earlier but forgot, because he then says that he would be paying me directly for my last entire MONTH of work.  (I was still waiting for this paycheck, mind you).  I say “ok” (I think I have become quite graceful at getting laid off).  Boss Man promises to put my check in the mail on Monday and that would be that. As a nice gesture, I send my two bosses an insincere email thanking them for the opportunity and wishing them luck in the future. Neither responds. 

Date: Last Friday.  Feeling: Livid.  No, irate.  No, ARE YOU F’ing KIDDING ME?  Boss Man didn’t even bother to send me my check for my entire last month of work.  He couldn’t lift his fingers to write a check, put it in an envelope and mail it.  Please note that when I began working for this company, Boss Man made it a point to tell me that he was making ridiculous amounts of money.  Later in the day: a company I interviewed with calls to let me know they gave the job to someone else.

Date: Yesterday.  Feeling: clinging to a sliver of hope.  I email Boss Man to ask when he mailed my check.  He immediately writes back that he will put it in the mail later in the day. 

Date:  Today.  Feeling: Like drinking. Have reapplied for unemployment, feel a strange solidarity with the boy in the below photo.


sad boy




One response

18 06 2009

I feel you completely!

How about I was temping for a major bank, hated position, was told to hang in there by agency after I knew 2 months going into the job that it wasn’t going to work. So I hang in…5 months and three weeks into it, person I worked for calls me from her cell phone, (she was at home) to tell me that that day was my last day. Did I mention that shecallled me at 4:03pm?

I’m still fighting to get unemployment from the agency.

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