NYC or any Media Folks – help!

9 03 2010

Hi everyone,
I need some advice for breaking through the great wall of large entertainment company job sites.  I’ve applied for countless jobs on the big tv networks’ job sites and sadly, never heard anything back.  This doesn’t really surprise me, though, knowing how competitive of an industry it is.  Every time, I tell myself “this is another dead end,” but still feel compelled to send an application online anyway. And I do. And nothing happens. So here I am.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong here, since my resume is getting lost in the sea of other resumes submitted through career sites.  I continue to try to network as much as possible, but sometimes it just feels shameless and I become semi embarrassed about my constant groveling. A mentor suggested I let him know when I see a job that looks appealing (at any company) but how many times is it okay to ask a mentor for help, or to “pass your resume” along to someone else in a position of power?

Another friend suggested that I go on linked in to look up the hiring managers and to email them directly if I see a job that I want.  I’ve done that a few times now, and am yet to get a response.  Is doing that inappropriate? Or is it actually tenacious and a good way to get an interview?

Also, has anyone tried sending actual snail mail to a company to get an interview? This seems like a very last resort, but if it will get me noticed by HR, I’m not opposed!

Alright, I’m open to any and all (well, almost all) suggestions, so please share your advice and experiences!




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22 03 2010

Hi laid off in NYC, I totally hear you on the job market in NYC…that’s why I’ve gone ahead and figured out a way to have my financial future in my own hands, Id be more than happy to speak to you and also invite you to an awesome business overview event at Webster Hall next Friday night..feel free to contact me via my blog.

25 03 2010
Sour Apples

I am in education, not media, but I have gotten interview offers and sometimes an offer on the spot through phoning in a response to a classified from the paper, and cold calling a place I kept passing in my ‘hood.

I might actually just cold call – since I am already the butt of ridicule at my serf job, I have nothing to lose. Lol.

15 04 2010

I’m an art director in the ad industry. I once wanted to work at a very specific ad agency. One that was a very desirable place to work, and not easy to make a connection with. Now don’t use this as specific example of what to do (because this was all pre-9/11), but I took my resume, printed it on really outrageously cool paper, and put it in an old-fashioned milk bottle and left it at the door of the agency (addressed to the creative director). That very morning, I got a call (and an interview).

OF COURSE you should send snail mail. That’s not desperation, it’s zagging while everyone else zigs. Who gets a resume in the mail anymore? I’d find it kind of cool to actually open a tangible object for a change of pace. Write an awesome cover letter, and treat it like you’re creating art (because you ARE).

16 04 2010
allen mezquida

Think twice about coming to Los Angeles.
I’m having a very tough time out here in the entertainment biz.

Best of luck to you. You have a great blog on the subject.

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