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On December 11th, 2008, I was laid off from my marketing job in the tv industry (after having left a perfectly good job  a month earlier for a “better opportunity”).  Since then, I’ve sort of become an unofficial, self-appointed expert on being unemployed.  I still live in my apartment and am trying to survive for as long as possible on my savings and Unemployment benefits.  My life is a mix of tireless job searching, kitten-raising, self-improvement efforts (this is half a joke and half real) and trying to relax (get drunk) as much as possible.  It’s a daily struggle but I love living in the city too much to give up just yet.   This blog is the story of my life…you think you know, but you have no idea: laid off in nyc.

Updates: Here’s what’s up since my initial layoff last December:

1 – Took a job as an assistant for a shady internet company for two months, but it didn’t work out (understatement)

2- Then, got a part time job – didn’t make enough money t0 make worth giving up unemployment

3- In June, took a new job at a small company, don’t like it, am now one of the “underemployed” masses.



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24 01 2009

I love your blog. I started a similar one under Ning at You have some great post and I find it so helpful to blog about the situation and use it as a journal for your thoughts. How is your job search going? Mine seems to have slowed to a crawl.

29 01 2009

Also, if you are interested, a Fox News person here in NYC posted on my blog asking for interviews for a national TV piece. Check it out… I

5 02 2009
Martin Piraino

I’ve been unemployed since early September, I started a blog myself the other day and a lot of it will be about my job search and networking, which is an important part of finding the right opportunity at the right time. Good luck to you.


10 02 2009

I was laid off on Friday from a job I really liked and needed. I’ve been here before and honestly, this time, it feels just a little good to have some company. I started a blog about it, too. Hey, we’re blogging into the darkness together. Good luck!

24 02 2009

Hey–Looks like there are a lot of us unemployed in NYC. I got laid off back in October. It was my 4th layoff in 8 years. And like you, I started a blog ( What else do I have to do, besides look for a job of course? Anyway, good luck with the job search and enjoy your time off.

14 03 2009

On March 30, 2009 join motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein in her lecture, Clear Fear from Your Career. Gabrielle will share her step by step tools for relinquishing your blocks in order to take fearless action in your work life.


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23 04 2009
Letty Love

I like your blog. For the first time in my life, I also got laid in October. I see it as a blessing since now I have time to enjoy life and finally have time to become an entrepreneur. Good luck and hugs, L

1 05 2009

You could become a foot princess and ask money (could be 75$) to men if they want to lick your feet. You could work just a few hours a day and make good money while doing nothing.

24 06 2009

i have totally considered that. the biggest question i have is: is there physical contact?

24 06 2009

no sex – only slave’s tongue onto your feet!

14 05 2009

if you ever need something free to do in nyc, since you um, lack money, check out my blog 🙂

15 05 2009

Hi Laid off in NY. Cheer up. You are still so young. Count this as a learning experience. I left my email. Shoot me a note. I was laid off recently, but i’m working on a business idea.. I think you can help.

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