NYC or any Media Folks – help!

9 03 2010

Hi everyone,
I need some advice for breaking through the great wall of large entertainment company job sites.  I’ve applied for countless jobs on the big tv networks’ job sites and sadly, never heard anything back.  This doesn’t really surprise me, though, knowing how competitive of an industry it is.  Every time, I tell myself “this is another dead end,” but still feel compelled to send an application online anyway. And I do. And nothing happens. So here I am.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong here, since my resume is getting lost in the sea of other resumes submitted through career sites.  I continue to try to network as much as possible, but sometimes it just feels shameless and I become semi embarrassed about my constant groveling. A mentor suggested I let him know when I see a job that looks appealing (at any company) but how many times is it okay to ask a mentor for help, or to “pass your resume” along to someone else in a position of power?

Another friend suggested that I go on linked in to look up the hiring managers and to email them directly if I see a job that I want.  I’ve done that a few times now, and am yet to get a response.  Is doing that inappropriate? Or is it actually tenacious and a good way to get an interview?

Also, has anyone tried sending actual snail mail to a company to get an interview? This seems like a very last resort, but if it will get me noticed by HR, I’m not opposed!

Alright, I’m open to any and all (well, almost all) suggestions, so please share your advice and experiences!


where i’ve been…

1 08 2009


hey everyone!


So sorry for the super long hiatus.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind but I finally…shockingly…got a job!!  It happened so fast…a former boss/mentor recommended me to a friend of hers looking to fill a job and we met, we totally clicked and she instantly offered me a job doing marketing for her small company. So far, I love it!!  I hope it lasts…but if it doesn’t, at least I know that being laid off in NYC is not that bad…in fact, it’s kind of awesome.


Thanks everyone for all of your comments and words of support on this blog. From now on, you can find me sporadically posting on my regular blog, memyselfandhi, and on my new blog (which has arisen from my recent discovery of Rubie Green and subsequent obsession with low-budget living and redecorating), Poor & 24.

Ciao for now!

oh unemployment, you minx you

24 06 2009

At this point, I kind of totally embrace being unemployed.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • vegas 
  • forgetting to pay COBRA one month, then getting it taken away, then begging for it back, being denied and today, receiving a bill in the mail and realizing that they gave it back for no apparent reason
  • watching and rewatching every episode of real housewives of nj
  • obsessively following the demise of jon and kate’s marraige
  • hanging out with the kitten I adopted when I got laid off
  • teaching myself how to cook
  • explaining to people at a wedding how I don’t have a job and don’t care

It’s almost funny…

13 05 2009

That I got laid off again.  From the job I didn’t even like and only took because I needed the money.  Here’s how it all began…

Date: Two Fridays ago.  Feeling: Annoyed.  I was supposed to get my paycheck in the mail, but I didn’t.  I ask about it, but no one responds and then later in the day, Boss Man sends me an email asking if we could catch up the next morning -(SATURDAY morning, mind you. I’m 24 years old – it’s just not right to take away my Saturday morning like that).  So yeah then he calls me SATURDAY morning and says that the company had to lay off half of its employees including me.  Seems like he was supposed to lay me off earlier but forgot, because he then says that he would be paying me directly for my last entire MONTH of work.  (I was still waiting for this paycheck, mind you).  I say “ok” (I think I have become quite graceful at getting laid off).  Boss Man promises to put my check in the mail on Monday and that would be that. As a nice gesture, I send my two bosses an insincere email thanking them for the opportunity and wishing them luck in the future. Neither responds. 

Date: Last Friday.  Feeling: Livid.  No, irate.  No, ARE YOU F’ing KIDDING ME?  Boss Man didn’t even bother to send me my check for my entire last month of work.  He couldn’t lift his fingers to write a check, put it in an envelope and mail it.  Please note that when I began working for this company, Boss Man made it a point to tell me that he was making ridiculous amounts of money.  Later in the day: a company I interviewed with calls to let me know they gave the job to someone else.

Date: Yesterday.  Feeling: clinging to a sliver of hope.  I email Boss Man to ask when he mailed my check.  He immediately writes back that he will put it in the mail later in the day. 

Date:  Today.  Feeling: Like drinking. Have reapplied for unemployment, feel a strange solidarity with the boy in the below photo.


sad boy


5 03 2009

Thanks NY Times for the shout-out today! When you’re unemployed, it’s the little things that make you the happiest. Holla!

Tomorrow = the Maury show

26 02 2009

Throughout the dreary bleakness of my day today, there has been one constant, shining beacon of light: knowing that I will be sitting in the audience of the Maury Show tomorrow.  I’m not really a hardcore Maury fan per say, but I do enjoy watching the show in the morning from time to time.  So last week, when I was watching one morning with my boyfriend, something came up on the screen that said “for free tickets to the Maury Show, call this number.”  Knowing full well that my boyfriend and I are the least-employed couple in NYC, I picked up my phone and got the tickets.  


I have a few ideas about what the topic may be (paternity test, cheating spouse, misbehaving teens bootcamp) but ultimately I hope to be surprised, entertained and also to learn something valuable.  Expect a full synopsis upon my return home.



My Exciting Week (I have nothing else to do)

23 02 2009

I have three big reasons to be excited for this week:

  1) I have a big interview on Wednesday morning.


  • I really hope something works out soon because although I’m really enjoying unemployment, I don’t have a lot of money anymore and that kind of sucks.


  2) I’m hosting a Top Chef finale party on Wednesday night.


  • Please pack your knives and go. I love this show and love having friends over, and eating and drinking, so it’s the perfect combination. Go crazy-eyed Carla. 


  3) I have two free tickets to the Maury Show on Friday.

  • Last week, I was watching Maury and a little thing came up and said “for free tickets to the Maury Show, call this number”.  So I looked at it for a second, and then thought, “well, I have nothing else to do.” So I called and got two free tickets a taping on Friday.  I think it’s going to be really, really fun.  Everyone should be jealous. 


My new unemployment motto is officially: “I have nothing else to do.”  This way, I’ll do as much as possible and see as many people as possible while I have my freedom.