Trying to get a free haircut

28 01 2009

There exists a kind of myth amongst females in NYC that you can get a free awesome haircut from salons like Bumble and Bumble if you try hard enough/get lucky.  I’ve been searching on Craiglist for “free haircut” and usually come up with a few results, but it seems like the stylists only want to give “Bob” haircuts.  One day, I saw an add for a long, layered cut so I sent a reply with a picture of my hair and didn’t get a response.  Maybe my hair isn’t good enough?  A good haircut can set you back anywhere from $60-100 so you can imagine how much I would love a free, awesome haircut. If I can’t get one, I’m probably just going to grow my hair really long, like Guinness Book of World Records-long.  Has anyone had luck getting a free haircut in NYC? Or is the free haircut just an urban legend?