where i’ve been…

1 08 2009


hey everyone!


So sorry for the super long hiatus.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind but I finally…shockingly…got a job!!  It happened so fast…a former boss/mentor recommended me to a friend of hers looking to fill a job and we met, we totally clicked and she instantly offered me a job doing marketing for her small company. So far, I love it!!  I hope it lasts…but if it doesn’t, at least I know that being laid off in NYC is not that bad…in fact, it’s kind of awesome.


Thanks everyone for all of your comments and words of support on this blog. From now on, you can find me sporadically posting on my regular blog, memyselfandhi, and on my new blog (which has arisen from my recent discovery of Rubie Green and subsequent obsession with low-budget living and redecorating), Poor & 24.

Ciao for now!


Frustration nation

26 02 2009

So, today I took the express train to Frustration City.  Now I am officially the mayor.  It’s been over three months and the job search process feels like nothing but one dead end after another.   My one interview that I thought went great – haven’t heard a thing back.  And I’ve followed up multiple times. 


Aside from that, I’ve had another string of interviews that I thought were promising, the last of which was yesterday.  Today, I got word that they want me. YAY! But then…they made me an offer…and it’s terrible.  I’m 99% positive that garbage collectors and sanitation workers make better salaries than the offer they made me. The salary is lower than the salary of my first job out of college and wayyy lower than my last salary.  $15,000 lower to be exact.  I know it’s an economic depression and all, but I really don’t want to sell myself short and bring myself all the way back to where I started from. I put in so much time and hard work to get to my last job, I really don’t want to have to start all over.  So I went back and asked for more money.  I’m still waiting for an answer so we will see.


In honor of my day, here is a photo collage: