To Link, or not to link? That is the question.

16 02 2009

When people find out that you lost your job, something they like to do is to give you  unsolicited advice.   One thing I keep hearing over and over again is that I should  join  And to be honest, I’ve resisted. And I don’t even know why I’ve resisted.  I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Asmallworld, etc, but Linked In just feels weird to me. I think it boils down to the fact that I’m skeptical of the whole magical recruiters contacting you myth. Oh, and it feels like it’s for grownups, which I, (at 23), mostly certainly am not. How rude.


But hey, since my job search isn’t exactly going swimmingly, I’m willing to give LinkedIn a try. I joined it tonight, made my little profile and asked some people to be my friends.  Since I’m still in the pretty early stages of my career, my profile isn’t all that impressive though. So I remain skeptical.  I guess only time will tell what, if anything LinkedIn will do for me. 

So, I’m just wondering…has anyone out there actually had a positive experience from LinkedIn?   (Positive being job or interview-getting experience).  Let me know if you have, or have not – I’m curious.