Getting back out there: first interview style

4 02 2009

Oh hey, guess what? I got an interview…my first interview since the layoff.  One of my mentors hooked it up bigtime for a job I really want so I’m meeting with HR and the hiring managers TOMORROW MORNING. So, no pressure or anything. Nothing is riding on this, at all. Except EVERYTHING.


So yeah, despite the pressure I’m putting on myself, I really want this job. I feel like I’m qualified and could be really good at it. I’m trying to super-prepare myself today so I can tear shit up tomorrow. But that said, I feel like there’s a fine line between showing you want the job and groveling on your knees.  Any advice for nailing the interview without coming across as desperate?  I feel like the applicant pool for this job is going to be pretty impressive so I need to really stand out.  Wish me luck!




The ultimate unemployment resource: home

3 02 2009

Disclaimer: This advice is only valid if you are under 25 years old.

Sorry for the little hiatus… I’ve been busy finishing the first season of Lost and traveling to my parent’s house in dirty Jerz. With funds rapidly depleting and job prospects looking bleak, I decided to take the plunge and go home for a week “or so”.  At home, I can pick up some part time work in my old office, catch up on sleep, eat on my parent’s dime, and just chill out.  It’s a really good idea to spend some time at home, especially after you hit the one-month unemployment mark.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to recharge at home while you’re unemployed:

  1. Save money (duh). Everything is cheaper outside of NYC.
  2. Eat free, delicious food all day, every day.
  3. Sleep late and undisturbed.
  4. Catch up with old friends who live at home.
  5. Drive around wherever you want.
  6. Watch a lot of tv and movies.
  7. Go through your childhood bedroom and find cool stuff, like pogs.
  8. Tackle a project you’ve been meaning to try, like building bunk beds (see below).


Why the NY Public Library is awesome

29 01 2009


I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog that a great way to save money is by taking out books and DVDs from the library.  I’ve found that the New York Public Library has a great selection of books AND current DVD’s.  True, my branch (Kips Bay) is not necessarily the most impressive, but they still manage to have a good stock of DVD’s and you can order any book or DVD you want as long as it’s in another branch and the library will call you when it arrives to your branch.  I recently rented the Kingdom, Baby Mama and 21.  All good movies, and I got to keep them for four days fo free!   

To learn more about joining the NY Public Library, check out their website here.  If you’re unemployed, at least expose yourself to a little knowledge and culture while you have some free time!

ADDENDUM:  I feel that I should note that the Kips Bay branch of the NY library is excellent in spite of its small size, and what it lacks in selection, it makes up for in ease of getting books for you from other branches.  Thumbs up, Kips Bay.